Practice Areas

Family Law

Family Law or matrimonial - law incorporates family- matters and domestic relationships such as marriage and civil unions-divorce and annulments-child custody and the best interest of the child-mainteance-child abuse and domestic violence.

Business Law

Business Law covers all aspects of South African business law including the Companies Act-Consumer Protection Act-Competition Act.It also covers topics of company and corporate law-intellectual property-contract-insolvency and labour law.

Insurance Law

The statutory framework for insurance law consists of three Acts.The Long-Term Insurance Act 52 of 1998.The Short-Term Insurance Act 53 of 1998.The Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act 37 of 2002.Modern Insurance Law.

Criminal Law

A person is only criminally liable and subject to punishment if the following requirments are It must be proved beyond reasonable doubt that the accused committed some wrongful conduct which coincided in time with a culpable/guilty mental state.

Property Law

The newly signed Property Practitioner's Act is replacing the 43 year old Estate Agency Affairs Act- and is expected to have a major impact on the selling and leasing of property in South Africa.

Labour Law

South African Labour law regulates the relationship between employers-employees and trade unions.The Labour Relations Act.The Basic Conditions of Employment Act.

Consumer Law

The Consumer Protection Act (CPA) came into effect on 1 April 2011.The Act is aimed at promoting fairness-openness and good business practice between the supplier and the consumer.

Financial Law

The Financial Sector Regulation Act (FSRA) was signed into law on the 21 August 2017.The Financial Sector Conduct Authority.The Act empowers these regulators to oversee the entigrity of the financial systems.

Contract Law

The law of contract is the body of legal rules governing the conclusion and consequences of contracts.It defines the basis and requirements of contractual liability.MERCANTILE LAW.

Constitutional Law

Constitutional Law is the area of South African law relating to the interpretation and application of the Constitution of the courts.All South African laws must conform to the constitution.

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