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Who are we?

We are a community based organization that work with the Domingo Foundation to assist our communities to fight injustices committed by the government-private individuals-corporations-banks-police etc.We are here to help you even if you only need legal advise we are here to help all.

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Seeking justice in the world is a human right but access to it is very difficult and expensive-we are here to hear your voice and assist you in your legal battle to get justice.Whatever province you may be you can contact us.This is a Free Service.

Best Case Strategy

We have the best paralegal practisioners that will prepare your case strategy ready for the attorneys-lawyers to defend or institute legal proceedings on your behalf.Our services are free-but the attorneys will charge a fee to represent you.

Experienced Attorneys

We work with law firms - that some cases will be pro-bona and some difficult cases will be charged.Some cases we will refer to the UWC - legal clinic for assistance-some cases attorneys will be assigned with the approval of the client of course.

Welcome to Domingo Paralegal Advice Centre.

We Always Fight For Justice to Win

We fight on your behalf to win-we prepare cases -volunteer and law students research teams will prepare cases on your behalf-we are also in negotiation with the Legal Aid Board - to refer clients for legal assistance.

To provide legal advice to communities and where possible legal assistance via appointment of attorneys with the approval of the clients.Our service are free in order for us to continue to serve our communities we humbly request for a small donation. Please Click here to Donate

To make sure that all have access to justice-we provide a service to anyone irrespective of race-colour-creed-tribe and religion.In order for us to continue to provide a free service we humbly request a small donation.Please Click Here to Donate.

We look at each individual case - and we give the best possible legal advice in order for you to win your case-unfair dissmissals-retrenchments-CCMA - we can assist.Where attorneys have to be appointed fees will be charged - we are in the process to negotiate with the Legal Aid Board to refer clients that cannot afford attorneys fees.Please make a small donation. Click here to Donate.

0 Years Serving our Communities.

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Our Paralegal


John Dlamini

Civil Matters

“John is the one that will assist with all civil matters-advice and action needed will be handled by him.He is an experienced paralegal practitioner with years of experience ”

John Dlamini Civil Matters
Advice Consultant

Roxanne Burger

Family Law - Advice Consultant

“Roxanne is an experienced paralegal in family law-she is the one that assist our communities in domestic violence-child abuse-etc.Protection orders. ”

Roxanne BurgerFamily Law-Consultant

Yaseerah Domingo

Constitutional Law- Consultant

“Yaseerah is a paralegal Honours Student,and she is an experienced researcher in Constitutional Law. ”

Yaseerah DomingoConstitutional Law - Advice Consultant

Khadija Rajap

Mercentile Law- Consultant

“Khadija is an experienced paralegal with years of experience in Mercantile Law.She assist with any Queries relating to Mercantile Law.”

Khadija RajapMercantile Law- Consultant.
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Law References

South African Law

What the Law is.

The Consumer Protection Act (CPA) came into effect on 1 April 2011.The Act is aimed at promoting fairness-openness and good business practice between the supplier and the consumer.

Consumer Protection specialist.

What the Law is.

Constitutional Law is the area of South African law relating to the interpretation and application of the Constitution of the courts.All South African laws must conform to the constitution.

Constitutional Law Specialist.

What the Law is.

South African Labour law regulates the relationship between employers-employees and trade unions.The Labour Relations Act.The Basic Conditions of Employment Act.

Labour Law Specialist.

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